Roger Scott WealthPress

WealthPress Senior Trader Roger Scott has over 25 years of experience trading everything from corn futures to stock options and ETFs. Roger Scott has helped thousands of traders get an edge in the market and is now putting his decades of experience to work for others by providing a proven formula for success.

An impressive business resume brought Roger to this point in his career. In addition to completing law school, Roger also studied advanced technical analysis, risk control, money management, and systematic trading. That put him on a successful path to becoming a futures broker and a hedge fund manager, trading stocks, index futures, commodities, options, and foreign currency markets.


He eventually retired from the hedge fund world, but not from the world of trading. His next step was to create Market Geeks, a top-ranking trading education platform, and Options Geeks, offering a smarter approach for profitable options trading. These sites are all about educating the new trader and introducing them to the fundamentals of Short-Term Trading, including understanding the difference between a good potential situation and ones that should be avoided. Roger’s goal has been to help people reach their financial goals by learning more about how he became successful in this field.

Today, Roger Scott is widely recognized as a highly successful entrepreneur with more than two decades of success and accomplishments in the financial markets industry. Roger is now the educator as well, as the head trader at WealthPress, a financial publishing website that helps all levels of traders get to where Roger is today, courtesy of educational webinars and video tutorials for anyone interested in becoming a better and more successful trader. 

As the face of WealthPress webinars, Roger not only reviews his strong track record but also gives away free trades, even providing analysis of those free picks. That’s part of what’s made WealthPress such a strong asset to the traders who listen in.

WealthPress users have learned that by tuning in to Roger’s webinars, they can watch exactly what Roger does as a trader, and if they’re so inclined, follow his lead.

It’s that kind of transparency that’s brought so many to his webinars, which have become trading platforms that are brutally honest about past wins and losses, with sound advice for people on the best way to react to trades that have gone wrong. 

Thanks to WealthPress, Roger Scott has become a masterful options trader, and the website has earned reviews as a valued stock and options trading service. It’s become particularly useful to new traders. Imagine having no prior experience — and none required for making profitable trades through the advice of WealthPress and Roger Scott. 

The bottom line is that short-term trading uses a lot of different methods and tools to make money, but the real starting point is educating yourself on how to apply the right tools to achieve success. Through his own success in short-term trading, Roger Scott has gone to the next level and is now sharing his knowledge with others looking for similar success.